My name is Ekaterina and I write books.

I'm an author of The Bugs, Ariadne and The Grey Tress, and I'm currently working on a Protoslavic fantasy novel, following young enschantness Vereya on her journey between the worlds.

I hold a Master's degree in Publishing (Saint Petersburg Polytechnic and Mainz Universities), which involved reading lots of books, shivering near an original Kafka manuscript and seeing real Goethe's socks.

I work full-time as an account manager in digital publishing , at Bookwire GmbH in Frankfurt, Germany. My job is to help publishers succeed with their digital products.

I am a Russian who lives in Germany, writes in English and married a Croatian, so I normally speak a wild mixture of languages that could pass as a secret code, secure enough for governments to use.

When not writing or reading, I play the piano (currently obsessed with Rags), occasionally visit a good old rock concert, and wander in forests around to see yet another ancient castle.

Ekaterina Gennrich Author