Ekaterina Gennrich
The Grey Trees Ekaterina Gennrich Author
"What is bothering you?"
"The reality."

In the Being of the Prophet, there is no place for a doubt. The world, shaped by Him, is pure – so it has been told in the Community since the Creation day. This is what a novitiate believes, until he faces the unexplainable. But how to peruse the truth, if a doubt is a sin?


You should know better than having hope.

Mino has got a table and a chair, the last one somewhat treacherous. He is on the front line of a never-ending war and cannot afford a moment of weakness, for it's not only his life at stake. When a man in black shoes comes, it will be the end of Mino. To sink with the remnants of his battlefield or find a way out of the maze – the choice remains to be made.


The Grey Trees Ekaterina Gennrich Author
Dream Or Survival?

Some believe that deep in the taiga, among never-melting snow, a golden bug lives. After decades of hopeless searching, insect scientists Doug and Paul are closer than they have ever been to finding the bug. As the bug's trace leads them deep into the taiga, all their possessions mysteriously disappear overnight. A step away from their dream coming true, Doug and Paul must decide between their dream and their survival.



The Grey Trees Ekaterina Gennrich Author